Saturday, July 9, 2011

One Page Challenge: Kingfisher Down!

Kingfisher Down! is my entry for what hopefully becomes a regular addition to the Risus goodness that seems to be coming from the net lately. Good old, Brent suggested we do this for a challenge and use key words to drive the contest. It surely made it more interesting and made me struggle for a bit before I had a concept I liked. More information on the challenge can be found here: Risusiverse One Page Challenge

The entries are due by 21 July, reside on but a single page and must use the three key words (thought I doubt the Risus fans will hurt anyone for not using them): Abandoned, Howling, and Obelisk.

I originally had planned on doing something like Colonial Horror, but today in a rare moment of downtime I ended up surfing the internet and for a bit. I came across a story about a US submarine crew that dove into deep Russian waters to map the seabed during the 70s in case we ever went to war. There efforts ensured that if we ever did go to war, we had a well mapped seafloor to assist in anti-submarine incursions from those pesky Ruskies. For more information, and a very interesting read about these brave guys, click here. During my travels I also came across this really neatO bit from the Cold War history. Apparently the Russians lost a submarine, we found it, and keep it secret for decades. We even built a ship (Howard Hughs pretended to help build it to help sell the tale) to attempt to raise the downed sub from almost 16,000 feet below the surface of the ocean. For more information on Project Azorian, click here.

How's that? A free one page adventure for the world's coolest RPG, a map, and a history lesson!

A larger version of the map:
note:  Yes, I know there were no nuclear powered submarines during WWII, but seriously? You are asking for a dash of realism in a one page adventure in the 40s against Fish Men, undead Nazis, and radioactive jellyfish? Come on!

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