Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Loviatar Contest! With a prize!

My buddy Christian has started up a new zine he has named Loviatar. To help offset the cost of producing this he is offering a subscription for $12 for six months, I have subscribed myself and thought it might be fun to offer this up as a prize for a small contest. So, as I love mapping and the whole old fashioned gaming movement, I figure offering up a map people could use would be fun. Having people OUT THERE flesh it out, would be even more fun. So, to that end, I offer up the following map.

You have a little over a week to flesh it out, post on a blog, upload it as a PDF, whatever works for you by the 15th of August at midnight US eastern timezone. Any game system, or none at all is fine too, going for a cool place, interesting NPCs or whatever suits your fancy.Just reply to this post and let me know, on the 16th or thereabouts, I will announce the winner and set up the subscription for the winner!

Remember: flesh out the map by August 15th and win a six month subscription to a cool zine from Christian!

* Small print. All apologies to Christian, I didn't ask before I did this, Oops. I am the sole judge, results and winner will be determined by me, selection is final, complaints will go to the mean orge in the back.


  1. Very cool contest! Just don't let Dyson participate. He wins everything.

  2. Added this to my list of things to do this weekend.

  3. Nifty. If I can, I will put something together for this.

  4. Hey! I didn't win the first One Page Dungeon contest... and I only got an honourable mention in the Fight On! random tables contest.

  5. Saw this today and decided to put something together: Tomb of the Overfiend :)