Saturday, September 3, 2011

fictive's OSH Scholar template

Fictive is at it again, this time creating a very interesting character template for Old School Hack and he has graciously allowed me to skin it to fit with the official character templates.

This is an interesting template because for Old School Hack this is probably the first, non-combat focused template. I can see some very intrepid players really using the scholar to full effect in a game. Since OSH, while expertly handling combat, is not really a class or level based system the scholar could be just as effective and useful in a game as a more traditional fighter, cleric or mage type. I am actually tempted to run a game and get a player to play this template, just to see how it plays out in a game.


  1. This looks great! Thanks for your ongoing work on these as we approach my target of 20 new templates...

    For adding languages to OSH, here's a system I whipped up that won't be posted on the blog until later, but will go into my overall first collection of stuff to share. It makes the scholars more useful than in a uni-lingual setting.


    Languages can add a lot of interest to a game. The current OSH rules assume that there is kind of one language, a common language, that everyone knows. Here is a way to add a little depth without a lot of complexity.

    Characters are fluent and literate in one additional language per Awareness bonus point at generation. Adding bonus points later through advancement does not increase languages known.

    Characters can choose to learn to be fluent and literate in a new language instead of accepting an attribute point when they level.

    This language system is fast, it’s easy, it allows characters to learn languages in the course of their travels, and it adds functionality to the game world.

  2. I love these templates. I can't get the link to the Scholar to work though --- do you still have a copy on Google Docs? Also, did you create a blank template?

    Great blog. I can see my productivity diminishing as I read through it. Thanks!

  3. whoops, I should say skin --- did you reverse engineer that from the OSH file or get it elsewhere?

    1. I took the one in the PDF and modified it so I could place new text over it. Was a pain in the rump actually.

      Not sure what happened to the Google Document, I will look into it and see if I can find it and repost.