Thursday, December 22, 2011

Moleskine Maps V [Sivart's Theater]

Sivart was once a famous warrior who served in numerous battles on the front lines. He once, through sheer accident really, saved an important member of the royal family and was rewarded through their grateful generosity. When asked by the Queen Mother what he wanted most, he stated he had always dreamed of being an actor. His dream was quickly granted and a theater was built for him.
Now elderly, the small and unimposing actor now run the theater and the well respected actors troupe out if his theater. The Queen visited about once a month to encourage the arts and continue to thank Sivart for his 'act of bravery.'
Sivart lives in the small home next to the large theater. Designed as a theater-in-the-round, the plays are executed to utilize 360° of stage space. The interior is rather impressive with 60 foot vaulted ceilings and massive oak crossbeams. A tunnel provides access from the back 'green room' to the stage and allows actors to mysteriously appear and disappear, usually to smoke and great fanfare.


  1. I love that you're doing different buildings. Geomorphs are useful, but to me uninspiring. These excite me.

  2. Thanks. While I was sitting in bed last night I got to thinking "What manner of buildings do we rarely see?" Typically I see general stores, magic potion shops, inns, taverns, etc. So I wanted to branch out a little, first thing that came to mind was the Globe Theater (from Shakespeare fame) and I wanted to do something like that.

  3. This is simply beautiful. If you ever decide to give out prizes, or sell your work, I'd love a poster-size version of this one.
    In fact, this map has already inspired some scenarios in my head. Excellent, excleent work, Matt.