Saturday, January 14, 2012

Loviatar: A love letter to Christian

So. Yeah, it's that time again.

I know this guy named Christian and makes a damn good zine. He also surfs and teaches children. So he is all around a cool fellow. One of the things I like best about the guy is his ability to inspire me. That map to the left is one of his. I caught sight of it the other day on his blog. The map was done by him for an upcoming issue of Loviatar, a zine you should be subscribing to, in fact, go do it now. I will wait. Go ahead, it is all of $14 bucks for six months of awesomeness.

Ok, ready?

Well, I cannot leave well enough alone and after last night's successful game, my first in well over five months, I am in a creative mood. Not so much that I actually make something of mine. I would rather copy Christian again. So I took his map and redid it in my own style, hope he doesn't mind. :)

Completed this in about eight minutes this morning at the breakfast table while enjoying some marshmallowy cereal. Yummy goodness.


  1. Nice! Say, do you you mind if I use your map in Loviatar 7? It sure looks a hell of a lot better than mine. :)

  2. I second what you said. Well worth the loot. Glad to hear you got into a game again.

  3. It is yours Christian, I would honored to have one of my pieces in the best zine out there!

  4. Thanks for pointing us to the zine, subscribed.

  5. Awesome! Christian, you owe me a beer. :)

    @Kyle. If you get a chance to pick up the older ones, the Hex segments (starts in issue 5) are well worth the price alone.