Monday, January 16, 2012

Moleskine Maps XX [The Forgotten Outpost]

Among the hills of the Dragontooth Mountains are hundreds of now forgotten fort, guard towers, tombs and outposts. Over hundreds of years of battling the denizens of the rocky north and the five hundred year war that crushed the Imperium has left almost all of these remote locations laying in waste. This forgotten outpost is no different.

First over run over six hundred years ago in a vicious onslaught of goblins and orcs, it was later rebuilt and expanded with thicker battlements. The structure lasted just over twenty years when the enigmatic ogre chieftain Kerhs crushed the outpost, leaving not a soul standing, nor a brick. A hundred years later, Emperor Fulvius II, rebuilt the structure to assist in staving off the frost gnoll incursions into the region. His son added additional dungeons in the side of the mountain, though three hundred years later access to those passages were lost due to squabbles with the dwarven kingdoms and negotiations fell through.

Today, what remains is the ruins of a small outpost and a short bit off passages inside the mountainside. Recently bandits have been seen in the area as well as the ever present goblin and gnoll tribes of the area.

* As a small side note. Holy crap batman! We have made it to twenty of these maps! 

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