Monday, February 20, 2012

#FridayFiveMinuteMap Sunday (late) Roll Up

Apologies, was busy yesterday and failed to get around to posting these. Last Friday we had an excellent turn out for our special, youth judged contest this week. Andrew & Lindsay Law's daughter Josie offered to judge the works and from the sound of it, she had a great time while performing her duties. Mom & dad spruced her up to help with the official duties with a great judges hat and some really great face painting (which i find always helps with creative endeavors). Here, I present our judge, Judge Josie of Maps!
Cute as a button. Thanks for judging this week Josie!

This week we had a few firsts besides the first child judge. We also had the first chalk map and the first video submitted. Pretty darned cool

On with the maps!
Our winner this week was Shane Knysh with his Star Map:

kirin robinson (I really dig this one)

Fantastic Maps (this one is amazing!)


Quinn Conklin (I like this one as well, strong emotions in the dark colors, very cool)
Rowan Cota (adventurers included!)

who later went on to turn this five minute map into a freaking amazing piece of work!

Charles Jaimet (sort of cheating, but hey this is for fun!)

my first, crappy, map

I think I caught everyone, be sure to use the hashtag #fridayfiveminutemap to help me find them when you post to Google+. Congrats to everyone, thanks for participating, and a special thanks to our judge, Josie!

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  1. For those who are interested--I've started a tumblr called fiveminutemaps where I'm hosting these. Also it's for any fiveminutemap that you draw, they don't have to be limited to Friday.