Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Wizard

Playing around on the iPad while watching Pirates of the Caribbean: End of the World. Damn good film and the effects are simply mind boggling. I never realized it, but did you know that Will Turner is stabbed at the end with the very blade he made in the first film? I had no idea. 

Anyway, back to our little Wiz there. Drew that based on a photo of miniature I found online somewhere. Took me maybe an hour to draw and then color him up. I think I should have reduced the width of this staff near the bottom, do a little forced perspective on it. But oh well.

Have at thee, foul beasts! Feel the wrath of my powers!


  1. Perhaps he and that awesome halfling chef wizard could have awesome adventures together.

    1. I thought it was a little weird that he posted that, I had literally just posted mine and saw the link in my "Blogs I Read" column.
      Course, we both know that the halfling chef would kick this wiz's ass. ;)