Thursday, March 29, 2012

Moleskine Map XXXXII [Tarkamel pt 5]

The Dungeon of Tarkamel is coming along nicely, up to five mini-maps now and I decided this morning I do not want it to end up being this huge, long line of of a cavern so I veered off to the right, following along the flowing underground river. I am thinking of doing a really large cavern here coming up that a since room covers multiple pages, will see if I can pull that off or not. Till then, enjoy!

I once made a comment, on here I believe, that I did not like my hatching style I am using because it sometimes is hard to distinguish between the cliffs and the outer wall. I am happy to report that is no longer an issue with me as I have found when looking over the actual drawings of the maps that I can see it just fine. At first I thought this might be a thing unique to me since I was the one drawing them, but now looking over maps that were drawn months ago (has it been that long?!?!) I can clearly, and easily, see the differences.

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