Monday, March 19, 2012

Moleskine Maps XXXVII [Meadow Falls]

A quick map before I head out to work today. I am not entirely happy with this map. I had wanted to show a map with varying levels but I think I may have stretched too far with too many levels.
Anyway, there you go.


  1. Love the freehand mapping, and no, it's not too "vertical." I personally think we don't go vertical enough, which is a shame because it adds character and breaks up the interior sightlines for more tension and danger. I quite like your mapping style, too. It is uncluttered and clean, something I need to move towards.

    I've been doing quite a bit of freehanding myself lately, using oversized scrapbook paper of all things ...

    1. I love your maps, the one of Dunlyle is awesome. Great work! Adding you to my blog roll. ;)

    2. Backatcha, Matt, with full reciprocity and hetero chest bump.