Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Moleskine Maps XXXVIII [Dungeon of Tarkamel]

A thought occurred to me today as I thought about the map I wanted to do: none of my many dungeons ever connected...what if?

So today I am kicking of a new series called the Dungeon of Tarkamel. Each of the maps will connect to the previous maps and should provide a GM work the opportunity to run a much longer campaign using my maps if they choose.

The first map is the more common "false entrance" accessible via a concealed door found in the basement of a nearby inn. Which one? Well, you will have to ask around, I cannot give away all my secrets!

In other news, finished editing on LC12 last might, be out Friday. Hourly Friday I will also get caught up on scanning clean versions of the last 15 or so maps...I am so behind!!

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