Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book Review: The Martian Emperor

This is the second book in the Chronological Man Series, following  the Monster in the Mist and it is a deserving sequel. This one has a bit of a bigger scope than the first book and really expands on the universe the Smith (the previously mentioned Chronological Man) inhabits. This one also expands the list of cohorts and friends of the main character including the Rough Rider himself, Teddy Roosevelt, who is a great addition to the story.

There are a few contrived bits in the story that give it an almost "Really?" sort of moment when Smith figures something out completely out of the blue, but this is a Fantastic Sherlockian mystery, so I guess we should probably over look those sort of things. April Malone (great name), Smith's new assistant from the first book returns here and appears to be falling for her mysterious boss. She certainly adds a good bit to the book, and even saves the day a time or two.

If enjoy mystery novels with great characters, with just a hint of steampunkiness (provided by Smith's wonderful ones in every story!), you probably will love this story. I would certainly recommend it, and at only $.99, you should get this one immediately.

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