Saturday, October 27, 2012

In which the circle becomes full

I have always done maps for my RPGs, since I began playing I have toyed around with it but as I grew older, I had less time and less inclination to spend my time mapping. About a year ago I had just gotten back from another deployment and was struggling to sort of find myself and my place within my family again (being gone almost two and a half years in a four year period kills your homelife). Between September and December I was seriously struggling, work was sucking, home was a struggle and nothing seemed to really be just going right.

I had been visiting a blog, Dyson's Dodecahedron for a good while but for some reason this time it really stuck with me and I started to really draw maps, inspired by Dyson's seemingly endless stream of new maps. Around mid-December it really hit home and I had locked my own style down and the maps started to flow. I will not lie to you, I seriously began looking forward to the daily quick map I drew and the +s and feedback I was getting on G+ and this blog. So, in effect, you can track it all back to Dyson and his maps.

At the beginning of the year someone on Google+ had this brilliant idea to do a map every Friday with just a mere five minutes to complete it. Honestly I would love to take the credit for it, but I think I drew one, posted it, and someone else said we should do this every week and the fun began. FridayFiveMinuteMaps is not mine, but people continually refer to it as "mine" and that I started it.

Well, this week it has, for me at least, come full circle. You see, I was there at the beginning and the only reason I was drawing maps was due to the inspiration from Dyson. Today he has joined us and created his own Friday Five Minute Map:

Fucking A. The world is one cool place.

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  1. Cool. Thanks for the props, and I'm glad I inspired you to the greatness that is your maps.