Monday, February 25, 2013

[DIY] And thus I have cracked the code!

It only took me two weeks but finally I have cracked the code on marrying up my Linux machine and my Canon printer and they have agreed to allow me to print zines! I used my Edge of Space rules as a guide and reformatted everything to this new page size. Once I had it, I could not wait and had to make a new cover for it as well. I wanted a sort of pulpy, old fashioned style for the cover.

I need to get slightly better copy paper, I currently have 20lb, 92 bright and the ink shows through when I print on two sides. I believe it was Tim that said he switched to 96 bright due to the same problem so I will be on the lookout tomorrow for some of that. Here are a few more shots of the inside of the little book.

I wanted the cover to feel more like a real book so I added the Chubby Monster Games logo to the back  cover, it is a CMG product after all.

This one I am going to send to a friend as a thanks for being the guy that got me into blogging and really got me back into the love of gaming a few years ago. Then I am going to make a few of these and send out to a few fellas on the web that have supported me through G+ and the blog. This will serve as a thank you but also as a good test run to tweak my methods and lock down the skills I need. Then, I may offer these up for sale much like others have done with their zines.

All the text, layout and artwork is all mine and it feels really good to see something in my hands that was made completely by my own hands. A real sense of accomplishment. And it feels really good to finally get this one figured out and workable.


  1. Very nice, sir! Look forward to it going on sale, sir!

  2. That is cool, sign me up!! I will be buying a copy once you put it up for sale. I love seeing these self printed DIY books.

  3. Thanks everyone, I have had a really great response to these so once I am finished up with my college course, then complete the adventure (about 90% complete) and then perfect this, I will be putting both up for sale. I want to offer them together so everyone can save on shipping.