Tuesday, January 28, 2014

[Mappa Mundi] Skallagrim Ruins; Skrevik Part IV

3. Skallagrim Ruins
Myth and legend surround the ruins that lie north of town and there is an old saying, that “Nothing is as evil as the dark wind that blows through Skallagrim.” While no one now knows the basis of this saying, it is oft cited by the locals and even those who are stout of heart keep a wary eye whenever they pass the Ruins of Skallagrim.

Decades ago a brave warrior named Skallagrim erected his keep from local stone to protect the small grouping of homes. The marauding giants called the Jötnar would wander down from the hills and mountains to the west whenever they smelled cooking flesh from the stoves of the human settlers. They had a particular liking of cattle flesh, but even more they loved to roast the humans. After years of troubles, Skallagrim built his keep and for many years the keep protected the villagers.

After one particular battle between humans and the Jötnar in which one of the foul creatures was slain, the Jötnar organized a large and frenzied force to assault the keep. Tales tell of fifty Jötnar swarming from the mountains. Skallagrim high atop the battlements, swinging his ax to destroy the giant beasts. In the end all but three Jötnar were slain and the keep lay in ruins. Skallagrim was never seen again and was assumed to have sacrificed himself to save his town.

Today the keep lies in ruins and the locals steer clear with tales of ghosts and other unnatural haunting that can be found among the scattered stones and broken walls. Young boys jest of having stood among the stones and challenging the haunts but no one stayed for long within the ruins. The one person in memory who camped in the ruins of the keep was found the following morning with his locks scared white, a wild and horrible scream frozen on his face.

What secrets lie beneath the stones? Only the bravest may find out.

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  1. A handsome map that makes me want to grab a bag of dice and start playing.

    1. Excellent! That is the goal after all! ;-)