Saturday, January 25, 2014

[old stuff] 1d6 Inspirational Rolls

[[repost from my old blog]]

I recently came across the image above on another blog and I have to say wow there is a lot going on here. The look on that guy’s face is so dastardly evil makes me wonder what is going on there! This is the sort of image that inspires me a great deal.
In my own games, I frequently take movies, books, artwork and even those sidebar comments from players to help inspire me to create unique and interesting adventures. Thus, I can frequently be found scoured the internet looking for interesting images or comments that help me come up with unique and interesting ideas.
That gave me an idea, perhaps I could come up with a list of ideas that could inspire others. In doing so, I decided I wanted to start creating random tables of data that GMs could use as they see fit. This is the first of hopefully many in a new series of Random Table Tools. I feel 2d6 is a great number for a list, not too small, not to large. However, today's post will using a single d6 (Mom always said start small). All are for random location/events in overland treks that an aspiring GM could throw in at a moment’s notice and possibly fuel an adventure from just the few details I have provided.
1- The party comes across a body in the woods, a single arrow rises from his chest and points skyward. I search of the body reveals a tightly wound scroll. The scroll is secured with a Royal Seal.
2- While trekking through the forest the trail suddenly ends at the edge of a large pool of water. The water is very calm but has steam lazily floating up from the surface. Further inspection shows there to be something large in the bottom of the pool.
3- The trees part and before the group is a large, grassy field. Almost picture perfect, the field slowly rolls, unobstructed, for roughly 500 meters before a single, tall stone tower rises up into the clouds. The height is staggering and the bright morning sun shines off the sleek white marble the tower is constructed from. Stairs led up to a closed door.
4- As the group wanders along the trail to their destination they are halted in their steps as the trail is blocked by a large metal ship’s anchor. It is partially buried in the soft ground of the trail, as if it had been dropped from high above. A thick rope tied to the anchor reaches up into the sky above.
5- The trail comes to a clearing and a large white tent stands in the center. The tent is quite a spectacle to behold. Golden poles hold up the canvas and large colorful banners wave in the morning breeze. As they approach, the flap is thrown aside and a beautiful maiden smiles to the group and becomes them to enter.
6- Rain clouds move in overhead and a few drops begin to fall, ahead on the trail the group spies a tree larger than the surrounding ones. Resting high up on the branch is a large, wooden tree house of elegant design, but long since abandoned and in disrepair. It should provide some overhead cover for the weary group of adventurers safe from the dangers of the forest floor.


  1. An interesting list of possibilities.

    And you're right, that face bespeaks Murder Most Foul.

    I like these types of images myself.

    1. I LOVE that image. It is by a guy named N.C. Wyeth and he has numerous paintings that I would love to have hanging in my office.