Saturday, February 1, 2014

Why I played D&D and still do

Some of you know this, some don't. If you are reading this blog, odds are you already know this, but give me a moment. I have played D&D since I was twelve and today I still play a version of the game. I received the little Redbox D&D on my twelfth birthday, and as today I turn 42, today would be my thirtieth anniversary of me playing the game.

Go read this and then come back here.

Many think the game is dumb but many aspects of my success, and certainly one of the reasons I am not a piece of crap as a person, is because I play D&D. From my love of reading, my love of history, my ability to lead, to speak in front of large groups with confidence and without fear, to ideas on philosophy and religion, to understanding how people work and why they do things, the ability to learn from others and work with them, and to my basic ability to be a successful senior NCO in the Army....I believe those came from my experiences with playing D&D.

As a kid I remember hearing stories about D&D being about devil worship and silly things like that but think about this. D&D taught me how to socialize, to be creative, to love to learn and read more, taught me critical problem solving and data analyzing, to look at situations and resolve problems through talk rather than actions, and to see past stereotypes and see the big picture. Compared to what other kids my age were doing at the time, I think I got the better end of the deal.

Today I play games with a huge and amazing group of people across the United States, and sometimes even across the globe. Different ethnicity and religions. Different social and economic groups. Doctors, lawyers, artists, scientists, soldiers, homemakers, writers and even a priest. Tell me you interact with such a wide ranging group of people.

Thank you Gary Gygax, and thank you to all those guys and gals I have played games with during my life. You made me a better person and opened my eyes to the huge and beautiful world we live in.


  1. Thanks, Matt. Eloquently stated. Partly because we are of an age, I share many of your same experiences and results from being a life-long player.

    Happiest of birthday wishes to you too.