Sunday, May 31, 2015

[Fiction] - The Sacrifice

Another in the series of daily writing, today I have opted to use an image as inspiration.

inspiration found at [link]
It was cold as hell and I still had a ways to travel. My feet crunched through the frozen layer of snow and sank knee deep. It was hard going but my destination was not far ahead. It was another hour before the looming hulk of Mont Naohn rose above me and cast a long shadow in the hazy and late afternoon sun.

Naohn rose hundreds of feet above me. The sharp black rock jutted at angles, providing little hold for vegetation to take root. Narry a single tree is housed on it’s steep and angled sides. The land surrounding the mount is barren and filled with black charred stumps and skeletons of the dead forests that used to call this cursed place home. Grey fog swirled and crawled along the ground as if alive and stalking me. 
They say salvation is often found in the bleakest of places and that is why I had trekked across the lands of man to this place. I sought the removal of a curse that has haunted my people and my family for generations. I sought a way for the future. I had left everything I knew with nothing but a dream and a prayer. And now I was here. 
I crested the low rise and came to the plateau before the base of the Mont. Before me I saw massive stones set in a wide circle, outside the circle stood a scattering of stark white columns - what remained of the once great civilization that held these lands ages before. I stopped. Before me stood the lone arch, created by a stack of stones and a single massive stone that balanced upon the stacks. The fog parted and light washed the stones in warm, yellow light. 
A figure stepped out from behind the arch. He was cloaked in black and a hood covered the head. Long white hair spilled out the edges of the hood but shadows hide the figure’s face. “You have come seeking salvation,” a low gritty voice spoke. It was not a question. 
I gasped, startled at the sound of the voice. “Yes,” I muttered softly. 
“You seek an end to the curse of your people. You expect the fates to alleviate your kind. For what purpose I wonder. For what reason might the fates shine their graces upon you.” 
I did not answer, instead I readied myself beneath my cloak. 
“You dare to think this would come without sacrifice.” Another statement. 
“Of course not, I always planned for a sacrifice to be made,” I pulled my pistol out from beneath my cloak. Aimed. And pulled the trigger.

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