Thursday, May 28, 2015

[Fiction] - Red Monkeys

My daily writing, inspired by +Wayne Snyder's post this morning:

The giant creature shambled towards my hiding spot in the grove. An overpowering odor washed over me, reeking of rotting flesh, iron, and something else that my mind could not identify. Another step towards me placed it a mere three meters away, I held my breath and looked the creature over. I was hoping to find a weakness.

The creature stood easily eight foot tall and the head at the top had a vague resemblance to a human skull. Across the shoulders was some manner of metal plating adorned with a vast number of dangerous looking spikes. A square box embellished with a multitude of blinking lights of various colors. I could not determine a pattern or purpose for these lights. Massive arms were bare and displayed an amazing level of physical prowess. Across the creature’s waist was a row of skulls that formed a sort of belt. Overall the visage of the creature was terrifying, but the worst thing was the long tube-like fleshy growth that hung from the creature’s belly.

The long fleshy rope-like protrusion hung from the belly and was looped into a circle and held by the creature’s right hand. The protrusion undulated as if it were breathing. This terrified me.

I had seen the creature use this protrusion on my companions after our scout ship had landed on the surface. Initial scans came back inconclusive and garbled. The unfazeable and positive Commander Keen opted to explore, in person, the area directly surrounding the ship. “A short excursion” he had said as he donned his helmet and grabbed a rifle.

Sergeant Forten had advised against it, suggesting that half the team exit while half remained with the ship in a support element on the side mounted cannons. Commander Keen, ignored this suggestion and had the entire team gear up. He then opened the door with a bright and cheery smile across his face.

He died with that protrusion covering his face.

We had barely been outside the ship for five minutes when the thick foliage around the landing site suddenly parted and this behemoth of a creature stepped out. We all froze but I quickly determined this thing was not friendly and meant us harm. This creature’s protrusion struck with blinding speed and engorged itself around Lieutenant McNulty’s helmet. I heard a crack almost instantly and then a disgusting slurping sound. Fright took hold of my mind and I sprinted away from the team.

Unfortunately this meant in a random direction and not towards the ship. My strides were long and strong and I soon found myself lost and unsure of the direction of the ship. I crossed a stream of purplish liquid and found a thick grove of trees to hide behind. I then rested a moment trying to catch my breath.

Moments later the creature appeared across the stream and climbed the small hill leading to the grove. It now stood across the grove, staring directly at me despite my cover. It took a step.

And that’s when the fucking red monkey leapt from the bushes and attacked it…

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  1. Neat looking monster. Looks like it could have come from Mutant Chronicles or Kult or something.