Sunday, June 21, 2015

Dirk Derringer and the Hartufaan Plot cover

I love the old pulp science fiction covers. I do not really know why though. I am sure my mother, nor any of my uncles, ever exposed me to the covers during my youth. I like them so much that I want a pulp cover for my little serial (plus I needed something to create a 'recognizable brand' for it when I post episodes.

I am not sure if anyone is actually reading it or not, but I am enjoying the writing and process of creating. In the long run, I think that is all that matters.

I have also posted the episodes over on Wattpad which seems to have a good format for posting serial type stories. You can read it here: Dirk Derringer and the Hartufaan Plot!

And yes, I stole the cover. I believe the piece is in the public domain but this is just a temporary cover design, I will get a real one eventually. This piece is thought to have been painted by Allen Anderson and from the 1952 cover of the pulp scifi mag Planet Stories.


  1. New cover? I like re-using the old your efforts for interior art since most people pretty much ignore that.

    1. I do not like using the public domain one without at least getting permission, though, the artist has most likely passed away by this time.