Monday, June 29, 2015

[writing] Episode 06: A blast from the past!

With the Spahn safe, headed to the station. I entered through a maintenance portal in the bowels of the facility. Using these back channel passages allowed me to make my way unseen to the upper levels. Within thirty minutes I had secured one of the workers. I asked him for the location of ‘Landro’s apartment suite. After some polite discussion he began to talk. 'Landro kept an apartment on the highest levels of a tower in the central part of the station. This worker was a Level Three Powerstation Engineer and maintained the Formaldehyde-Turpentine generators. These are a rare type of power generation system sometimes found on remote asteroids. Not immediately useful but it could come in handy later.

I had also selected this particular worker because of his physique. With a little more persuasion I was able to convince him that his uniform looked better on me. With the worker stowed in secured maintenance closet, I made my way to the main lift.

As I turned the corner towards the lift I stopped in my tracks. I had been spotted by a pair of guards struggling to control a prisoner in their charge. I was about to turn on my heels when a voice called to me. “Hey you! Get over here and give us a hand.” A tall but chubby guard waved me over to assist.

I hesitated, my mind racing to uncover a way out. Deciding I could delay no longer, I jogged over. I took hold of one of the arms of the prisoner and realized it was a petite female with soft, satin skin. A velvet hood with golden tassels covered her head and hide her features. The prisoner wore a navy-blue form fitting spacefarer’s suit with a utility belt. Around her shoulders she wore a jacket of the same blue that stopped just above the belt. Around her wrists were gold bands of sturdy metal.

She struggled against the three of us as we loaded her into the lift. The smaller and thinner guard drew a card from a pouch at his belt and swiped it over the red-glowing control panel near the door. The panel made a happy little beep and went from red to green in color. A moment later a white keypad appeared, floating in the green color. Then he typed “1138” into the control panel. It made another happy beep and then the door began to close. The thinner guard stepped forward, his foot blocking the door from closing. He turned at gave me a solid, good look. His eyes dropped to the nametag hanging from the left pocket on my borrowed uniform.

“Thanks for helping. Now, get out,” he said in a flat, gruff voice. “Only level five and higher guards allowed up to the suite.”

I looked from one guard to the next. My mind spinning ideas and weighing options. Could I overpower the two guards? Likely, but it could cause problems later. This prisoner for one, her escape would cause problems, and I still did not know where 'Landro was. I did not have a clear plan for extracting the information I wanted out of him.

I stepped out of the lift and turned back to look at the trio in the lift. “No problem.”

The door did not shut and the thin guard began jabbing the control panel again. “Damn thing,” he was jabbing at it with a finger. “Ah, there we go.”

The door slide closed. From behind the clear door of the elevator I could hear the chubby one speaking. “Boss’ll like this one.” The chubby one chuckled. “I hope this one last longer than the last. What a week maybe?”

“She is strong,” he smacked her hard on the rear. She yelped and he chuckled. “And firm.”

The lift lurched upward and then began to rise.

“Let’s have a look at her, shall we?” The thin one reached up and removed the hood. Radiant blonde hair bounced out of the hood and surrounded lovely blue eyes. A beautiful face of soft, satin skin looked back at me through the glass. I recognized that face!

Kyra Zelas stood before me.

Shock registered on her face as the lift floated upward. She shook free of the guards and pressed against the glass door. “Dirk!” She screamed.

I froze in place. Our eyes met for a heartbeat and then I noticed the two guards staring hard at me. I shrugged my shoulders. This seemed to please the guards and they pulled her back away from the glass. A moment later the lift disappeared from view.

With haste, I made my way to a maintenance corridor and out of view. I pulled my comm from a belt pouch and punched up the link back to the ship. “Jonsey, things just got interesting. We are going to be here a little longer.”

“Got it boss, the extra time will allow me to double check my work. What’s the hold up?”

“You’re not going to believe this,” I could hardly believe it either. “But my high school prom date is a prisoner of ‘Landro!”

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