Thursday, August 13, 2015

Giving back

I am betting that you have heard about this situation as have I and I was contacted by the illustrious +Tony T who wondered if I would join with a couple of other gamers in helping draw attention to one of the old guard gamers who have run into a bit of a medical issues. I will be honest, I have never played Metamorphosis Alpha myself but given the number or people that have been outspoken about Jim - how much of a cool guy he is and how much of an influence on the hobby we love today that, well, I figured I should do my part. So many have been generous to me and my meager skills, it only seems right to give back when I can.

For my part, I will be donating 33% of whatever I make off of Patreon this month and donating it directly to Jim's fund above on or about the 3rd (after Patreon distributes funds).

If you would like to donate directly to Jim's GoFundMe drive you can do so below.

If you are able to donate, let's get together and help one of our own get through some tough times.

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