Tuesday, February 9, 2016

There is a Crack in Everything

The Writing Prompt for today is:   There is a Crack in Everything

There is a Crack in Everything

In my world, you see, everything has a crack.

At first you don't see them. At first you see the world normal, likely how you are seeing it right now. After you see them, after your eyes are open, you will never see it the same.

I had been twenty-one at the time I spotted my first crack. I was in college and enjoying that first-time-legal excitement. My friends Mike and Shawn spent the evening as my chauffeurs and exposing me to his many taverns as they could. It was a cool, dark evening in the empty downtown and hardly anyone was on the streets.

After the third tavern, and well into inebriation, I had spotted the crack down the street. It started as a light that shimmered in the distance but the longer I looked at it and sharper in the focus it became. I ignored the experience. When we left the tavern an hour later, the crack was gone. I forgot about the crack until a week later when I spotted another one.

As I was clear of mind for the second sighting I decided to investigate. I turned down a side alley that lay between two brick buildings from the turn of the 20th century. The alley had garbage laying in heaps and piles along both walls. Running 30 feet up the right side wall was the crack. Just like before, when I had thought I was imagining it, the crack appeared to give off faint light. As I watched, the crack grew in length, spreading like a spider's web up the building. I heard a soft thump and the crack began emanated a shimmering light.

That was when I noticed the movement. Something was on the other side of the crack moving in and out of the light. It wasn't so much that the light was shimmering but something was behind the crack.

.   .   .

This story was written in about seven minutes. A little short but it came fast and easily. I stopped early as it seemed like a solid stopping point.
Word count: 319

About the 8 Minute Writing Prompt:
The 8MWH is a habit forming program where your aim is to simply write something for eight minutes straight each day, over time this will become a habit. The goal is to provide practice with writing and thus make you a better writer who can put words on paper easier. I plan on posting a short phrase and image each day in the morning and later that evening posting my story. Due to the time limit these will often be incomplete or possibly even suck. 
If you would like to join me, post wherever you like and add #8MWH to your post. Please remember that your stories can be about anything and the writing prompt may be a title, a phrase in the story, or heck, not even used at all in the story. It is meant to serve as nothing more than an inspiration.


  1. May I ask where you get your prompts?

    Great stuff, by the way.

    1. I typically will surf the internet, looking at pictures or reading things I find. I will grab a phrase or idea that comes to me. No set list or random generator program it anything. Just kinda wing it.

  2. amazing story
    Hopefully further increase our inspiration in writing .

  3. I like it. That has potential to expand into something bigger.

    1. I have given thought to trying to turn these into a longer story, little chapters or even combining a couple of 8 minute sessions into a single, longer chapter. We will see. Pretty much right now I am just flying by wire and doing whatever comes to me.