Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Scroll of Leveling

Weird, drug induced dreams last night, one of which had the following item. The dream was really, really weird and involved spells, a paladin, ogres, and a bunch of kids I was trying to save. For whatever reason one of the kids had this scroll in their pocket. We happened to be in a tunnel (or dungeon, who knows) and the kid read this scroll to devastating effect.

We were in a room with a rolling floor, with our end up a little higher than the rest, a few stair steps up if I remember correctly. The kid had us step up onto a low wall and the read the scroll. The entire room filled with dirt to up with the 'level' of the ground (wall) we stood upon. This buried all of the enemies in the room up to their neck in dirt, some were completely buried. Across the room, where once walls had stood suddenly open areas appeared as the dirt was magically transported away. This had some repercussions as the dirt/stone that once held the ceiling was now stripped away. The ceiling stretching out one acre in front of us suddenly came tumbling down (which also buried more of the bad guys after us that had been out in the hall and not yet inside the room). Luckily, another exit out of the room afforded us the opportunity to escape in a different direction, else we might have been trapped in the room.

Needless to say, a powerful spell if not carefully used. The spell could also be used to clear and level rolling hills for a nice clear camp site or good farmland. ;-)

SCROLL OF LEVELING, for Swords & Wizardry

Spell Level: Magic-User, 5th Level
Range: Referee's discretion
Duration: Immediate
This spell causes and immediate leveling of the ground directly in front of the caster - hills are flattened, pits are filled, etc. If something happens to be upon the hill it falls, if something is inside of the pit, it is trapped in the earth. The 'level' set for the ground is the ground upon which the caster currently stands. Spell effects one acre of area directly in front of the caster.

LEVELING, for The Black Hack

Divine Spell, 4th level
The earth be flat, yo. For about an acre or so.