Monday, July 11, 2016

Upcoming maps

A sneak peek at some maps I am working on for my supporters over on Patreon, thought you might like to see.

First up is a map based on a real thing I have seen for years on the internet and intended to map but just never seemed to get around to it. People seem to be liking my 'more developed' maps I have been doing lately with side views or images attached and I came across the real thing again today. This will probably be completed later in the month and be up on Patreon.

The next map is one I have been working on off and on over the last week. I have always liked the idea of secret pirate treasure coves like the one seen in the first Pirates of the Caribbean film. A pirate hideout hidden away from the world via passage through a flooded cavern is just magical. This one will likely be up first to Patreon, maybe later this week.

If you like these maps and want to have the full size versions I post on Patreon, consider backing me. Most maps are posted as 11"x14" at 300dpi and would be suitable for printing at your local printer. If you are interested, drop by for more details.