Monday, August 22, 2016

Ten Minute Writing Challenge #TMWC

I am going to go ahead and kick this off. I have always wanted to write, and I have done so at various times, but I lack follow through and the discipline to continue this for any length of time. I feel peer pressure is a strong motivating force, so I call on you to help me. And perhaps I can return the favor.

The idea is simple: Allocate ten whole minutes every day, Monday through Saturday, to writing something. Anything counts (except emails). Fiction, poems, diaries, etc. Pick a location and time that you have to yourself that allows you to focus your attention on writing. Do not think too hard on this. Get a pen, some paper (or go digital if you wish), set a timer, and simply write. Do not think too hard on editing or sentence structure, the goal is simply putting words on paper - not making it pretty. That is what editing and copy editing is for. Let me say that again -
Our Goal Is To Put Words On Paper.

The Rules:
  • Write for ten minutes per day, Monday - Saturday for the entire month of September.
  • You can write more if you wish, but ten minutes is the goal.
  • No editing allowed. Just write.
  • If you miss a day, no big deal, just move on to the next day and
  • Encourage, don’t critique others' works. Critiques are only allowed if the author explicitly asks you to do so.
  • Writing blog posts counts as writing, but email does not.
  • The only prize is your own pride in completing the challenge.

The Why:
Now, the question is why am I doing this? I want to create a HABIT of writing and I have discovered a few things on blogs that are supposed to help with this:
1) Pick a location conducive to writing. It can be anywhere but you need to be comfortable. The idea is that this location is YOURS and no one else's spot. Think of where you would feel calm and at ease, excited even, about putting pen to paper. 
2) Find a time that works. This time needs to be your time alone, with no interruptions that can distract you for just ten minutes. This can be night or day but think about a time that you have a moment alone to yourself so you can focus on writing. 
3) Determine a reasonable goal. I am taking care of this for you by selecting ten minutes. If we are successful at ten minutes, maybe next month we will add some time and see if we can grow into more developed and thoughtful authors!

How this will work:
I am planning on making a post in the evening before I head to bed, around 10pm central US time. This will be an image, phrase, seed words, or something that will hopefully act as a catalyst to creation for you. I call these Story Seeds and will hopefully serve as an inspiration for you. You DO NOT have to use these if you already have something you want to write about.

You can write anywhere you want and there is no requirement to post your work online for others to see, we hope you do, but it is not necessary. However, to participate I would ask you to reply with a comment to THAT POST on the blog that you were successful. If you post your work online and wish to share, please include a link to your work.

Example Story Seeds
I will likely be using Rory's Story Cubes for some of the days, an example is below. You can use all of the cubes, some, or even none of them. Whatever causes you to be inspired.

I may use photos which (hopefully) provide a story seed to encourage you to come up with a story idea quickly. 

I will also likely use Story Seeds (my term for words that cause inspiration to fire). These can be short phrases or simply words. The same rules for Rory's Cubes is applicable here: use some, all, or none of the words. Examples might be:

So, now that I have laid it all out, who is with me? And if you are late to the party, no worries! Jump in whenever! Starting the 31st of August, I will post the following day's Story Seeds for the following day.

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