Sunday, February 5, 2017

Coming soonish....

Let me just say first, I am slow, and prone to switching project frequently, but this is the working cover for my next BIG project:

So, with that out of the way, I am working towards doing something I said I would do about two years ago and never followed through. I am going through all my maps and cataloging them, meta tags, date released, if it was licensed, if there are multiple version, and the back up location. It is a slow process but I have nearly completed 2016. I expect to go slower the farther back I go.

The end goal is two-fold. I have had many people ask about licensing my maps and the first thing they always ask is "Do you have a gallery?" No, I never have, unless you count my blog or Patron stream. So this will give me some place to point them to so they can get a rough idea of my backlog and a quick view of any map they might be interested in.

The second goal, and this is probably more interesting to you, is that I plan on finally working on my Cartographic Review. A sort of journal of my maps. I have done small projects like this previously with a handful of maps but this will take every map released for the quarter and put it in a PDF. I am still working out the details of how each will be presented. Some people have asked for just the maps, no favor text or blank lines for you to write in your own adventures, I personally favor the blank lines so the book is a living book that GMs might actually use. Others want just a book full of pretty maps to gaze upon. Which do you prefer?

My goal is to start way back and work forward, releasing a quarter every so often as I complete the quarter. All my Patreon supporters will receive these for free as a thank you for supporting me. Everyone else will be able to pick these up for a small fee at their favorite RPG PDF store. I am tentatively planning to release each full year as a POD through either Amazon and/or Lulu (course, I still have to figure that out, so don't hold your breath).

So today I worked on the cover. You can see it below. I designed it to be reminiscent of the old pulp magazine covers and to look different that the clone-a-copy gaming products we tend to see. It is supposed to look used, abused, and possibly ever cared by brave explorers as they enter the dark dungeons in hopes of treasure.

So, coming soon. Hopefully more sooner than later.  Stay tuned.  :-)

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