Thursday, January 28, 2016

Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

The Writing Prompt for today is:    Sometimes I Feel So Deserted

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Sometimes I Feel So Deserted
Rogers sat next to me in the dilapidated van, inhaling precancerous smoke from that god damn little cigar. You took one more long inhale and then flicked a few embers out his window. From the corner of my eye I watched as he inserted his index finger into his nostrils and dug around like he was looking for a diamond or precious metal.

A faint sound of disgust escaped my mouth. I hated Rogers, he was a complete fuk head, but damn it if he wasn't the best. If our current job had not been so important I certainly would not have selected him to accompany me.

He opened his mouth and the deep guttural gravel in his voice traveled through the van. "Hey, you see the skin job? 11 o'clock 300 meters."

I had already spotted our target 10 minutes prior and have been watching it slowly cross my field of vision. The skinjob clearly been to hell already. Its left arm was severed 3 inches above the wrist and its right leg was dragging behind it the foot flapping every time it took a step. From the look of things this job is going to be much easier than I had anticipated. I made a mental note to make sure I do a little more research before contacting Rogers for a job.

"Yeah, I see her," I answered quietly and pulled my Heckler and Koch SD - 107. My door swung open and I stepped out of the van simultaneously checking the magazine and chamber to ensure that my pistol is ready. On the other side of the van Rogers got out, my sidearm looked insignificant compared to the monster that he preferred to carry. However, my pistol could remove a target's head in the right hands. Mine are the right hands.

.   .   .

Well darn, I ran out of time on this one. I actually liked where this was really going good when I ran out of time. So it goes, I guess. Maybe I will come back to this in future 8MWH.
This story was written in about eight minutes.
Word count: 547

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