Saturday, January 12, 2019

B/X Mummy Rot

I did not care for any of the versions of Mummy Rot I found around the web, so I made my own B/X version. A little softer initially, and I think it allows the character to survive a little longer, and therefore reach a cure, but is still pretty heavy handed.


  • Allows for normal healing but at ½ the normal rate. Any Healing spell, potion, or aid has only a 50% chance of working.
  • At the outset of the disease, the character will permanently lose d4 Constitution and d4 Charisma points. These cannot be restored through resting, healing, spells (including a Remove Curse spell), etc.
  • Every day the character must make a Save vs Death/Poison or suffer permanent 1hp loss to their maximum hit point total and permanently lose 1 point of CON or CHA (50% chance to either). These cannot be restored through resting, healing, spells (including a Remove Curse spell), etc. Any reduction in CON or CHA is accompanied by a visible wasting of their flesh (sunken eyes, graying of the skin, etc.)
  • Only a Remove Curse can stop the cycle and remove the supernatural disease.

If Hit Points, CON, or CHA reaches zero, the character dies. In d6 turns the character will rise and become a mummy.


Thursday, November 22, 2018

An OSR logo

I was bored after stuffing myself with turkey, so I opened up Inkscape and came up with an logo that I really liked. I am far more inclined towards one-color logos as this allows for the logo to be placed on far more surfaces: hats, shirts, product covers, etc.

Black and white version.

Old school blue version.

This logo is released Free Forever into the Public Domain with no attribution requirements or possiblity of being revoked in the future. Long live gaming. 

Vintage Gaming

The OSR has taken a good deal of flack lately because of the various groups vying for 'control' or domination of the group per sa. So, I am a little tired of it, tired of the "you are not part of the group" or "he thinks he is a gatekeeper" or "the OSR is just a bunch of old, white grumpy dudes" so I came up with my own term and decided to do a logo for it.

Yep, it looks a little rough around the edges, on purpose. We are old, we play older games, and we do not care what you think about it.

Additional versions:

This logo is released under a CC license, feel free to use it in your works so long as you abide by the license: