Friday, March 25, 2016

[map] The Split Goose

I'm about to head out for a week to visit our capital and see our daughter but I want to pass along one last parting map. I made this in about five minutes at work yesterday while waiting for a meeting to get started. I cleaned it up slightly last night, figured I would post it here.

This small pub is tucked away in the Market District in Bethmoora and, though small and often crowded, is a well known watering hole for those looking for a commission into the Pit.

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Encounter map - The Gorge

Thought you might enjoy a work in progress shot.

The shot above was taken as I was working on the latest map for Patreon tonight. If you dig the map and would like to see more, please check out my Patreon page. Almost all maps are posted with a handful of variations.

The Seven Needles (OSR item)

The Seven Needles are slim metal needles about two inches long. Finely crafted, these will give off a slight aura of magic to those able to detect that sort of thing. Each of these needles are enchanted with an old magic and said to have been created by an old woman who wanted to feel young again. These are very rare.

To utilize the enchantment, first the user must thread the needle, any simple string will do. Next the string must be sewn into the flesh of the intended target. Once the thread has been sewn into the flesh and tied off, the magical enchantment will be transferred from the needle to the thread and the spell is complete. The difficulty lies in the fact that the needles are not marked and thus the target has no idea the effect until the sewing has been completed. Effects of the string last about twenty-four hours. At that point the string must be removed or the target will begin to suffer a 1 hp loss per day as the string attempts begins to rot in the body.

Needles are commonly found in packs of three needles but it is possible to discover the complete set of seven. Needles are reusable but string is not.

d10 Roll
1 Confers a +1 to all missile attacks and feats involving Dexterity
2 Target gains the ability to heal at twice the normal rate
3 Target does not need to eat anything, does not suffer from lack of food
4 Confers a +1 to all Saving Throw rolls and all Initiative rolls; target seems to be a little more spry and quick
5 Confers a +1 all morale checks as the target's skin tightens and they appear to be ten years younger (will not reduce actual age or height, simply makes the target appear younger and more vital)
6 Target gains the ability move at twice their normal rate with a quickness that impresses everyone
7 Target gains the ability to lift twice their normal rate and any feats of Strength seem within their grasp
8 Cursed needle; once sewn the string confers a wonderful feeling of energy and youthfulness though it does not actually provide any real benefits, instead the string will begin moving deeper into the target's body and completely disappear from view after about ten hours, at the twenty hour mark the string will reach the target's heart causing heart attack like symptoms and spasms that will incapacitate the target, the target will begin taking 1hp damage every ten minutes and suffer from terrible pain, only a remove curse spell or digging the string out will end this effect
9 Roll again; the result is a permanent needle, any string sewn into the target's flesh will remain there and confer its effect forever unless removed
10 Dead needle; using this needle has no effect as the magic seems to have worn off

Monday, March 21, 2016


The Writing Prompt for today is:   Droidnoir

Droidnoir 1.0 (apologies upfront for the crappy formatting, the Blogger app sucks, thank you Google. I will fix this later.)

Mr Pickles. Such a damn stupid name, that is what I told him. It. Heck I don't know what you call a Droid. Let's just go with him.

We stood in a dark alleyway, mr. Pickle and I. Weed steak Dr place all day and seen our Target go in, now with the dreaded quiet just before the action started. Bullets flying. Screens. Probably blood. And then it would be quiet time again.

Pickles check the side arm, flipped open the chamber, eyed the round, and then slapped it shut again. His yellow eyes looked up at me and then dimmed as he switch to night mode. "Ready boss," he asked in his metallic voice.

"As ready as I'll ever be," and I cocked the shotgun, a double barrel side by side that have been in my family for well over four decades. "This could get ugly. Keep on your toes in there pickles."

His faint yellow eyes winked at me and then he turned and silently rolled down the alley way. He had dropped rubber wheels from the underside of his feet so that he can move as silently as possible. I followed behind, the soles of my shoes making considerable more noise.

I watched my partner roll down the alley , looking a bit silly in his trench coat and fedora. I told him he looked a bit goofy in his costume but pickles said it added to his aura and persona when he questioned people. They were always put a little bit off guard by the fedora and trench coat and many times he claimed this helped him get the information he needed. Looking at him now from behind you really couldn't even tell that he was a Droid.

Pickles stopped in front of the door and I watched as he swung his arm out a small plate flipped from a hidden spot on his wrist to end up in front of his fists. This would act as protection for his digits in what he was about to do. With lightning speed he swung his arm, and his entire torso, and slammed the fist into the door. With a loud crack the door splintered at the hinges and at the door handle, and flew into the room on the other side.

Before I could react pickles charged into the room his wheels moving over the door just as it landed.
.   .   .

This story was written in about eight minutes.
Word count:  403

About the 8 Minute Writing Prompt:
The 8MWH is a habit forming program where your aim is to simply write something for eight minutes straight each day, over time this will become a habit. The goal is to provide practice with writing and thus make you a better writer who can put words on paper easier. I plan on posting a short phrase and image each day in the morning and later that evening posting my story. Due to the time limit these will often be incomplete or possibly even suck. 
If you would like to join me, post wherever you like and add #8MWH to your post. Please remember that your stories can be about anything and the writing prompt may be a title, a phrase in the story, or heck, not even used at all in the story. It is meant to serve as nothing more than an inspiration.

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

The Environs of Bethmoora

I wanted a map of the lands immediately surrounding Bethmoora, I feel this helps ground the location for players, or at least for me. Not exactly happy with it (am I ever) as I played around with the perspective a little, the Pit, Ghorl Nigral, looked a little weird the way I drew it on paper, so I redid it digitally and well, it looks weird. Oh well.
All I can say right now is the area between Ghorl Nigral and Arvale - the Frozen Steppes - The Great White Apes roam this region, hunting packs to fill their bellies.

Yes, those White apes.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

Revisiting Bethmoora

Yes, that damned city and I have a checkered past, but I am determined to explore its twisting, dirty alleys and document all I see for you.

I have decided I am going to run a Play by Post using Basic Fantasy RPG and in my search for a setting to run the game I came across a few that I liked but something was just missing. Somehow I came back to Bethmoora, and here we go again. I am hoping that by running the game, especially given how slow a PbP can progress, will keep me creating and interested in exploring all of Bethmoora and her Pit.

As the game will begin, and likely visit on a regular basis, I thought it prudent to flesh out the city in a little more detail than we have seen previously.

Behold, the city divided.

It is my aim to begin fleshing each of these districts of the city in bits and pieces as they come up in the game, or as they come to me. With any luck the group will enter the Pit in quick fashion and we will begin to explore the mysteries hidden in her depths. Second to the right, and straight on till morning, my friends!

Friday, March 11, 2016

The Broken Ruins of Mythgrot

I was in a meeting, got bored, and drew a map when no one was looking. This is the result.

Uthgar, the giant bow shooting goblin makes his home in the Broken Ruins of Mythgrot. He is a sad, foul creature who does not appreciate company, even those bearing gifts.

Uthgar, giant asshole goblin
Hit Dice: 6
No. of Attacks: 1 massive bow/1 bite
Damage: 2d6/1d10
Movement: 40’
No. Appearing: 1
Save As: Fighter: 6
Morale: 10
Treasure Type: Odds and ends in the ruins (roll a d6, on a 1 the party can find just about anything they are looking for...Uthgar is somewhat of a packrat), one magical Bow of Pinning (over ten feet tall) and 47 gold
XP: 550

Uthgar is an unhappy asshole and generally is annoyed by anything that smells better than he. At the first whiff of anyone near his home he will sneak out and attempt to strike them with his bow. If a a pretty little elf is in the group he can smell them at four times the normal range.

Due to the height of the ruins, he will strike without warning from afar, only on a 1 in 6 will anyone - even the fucking elf - notice him climbing atop the tower to ready his attack. This magical bow can reach twice as far as a normal bow and anytime he rolls five or more than the target's AC he pins the target to the ground with the giant, five foot long arrows. Targets may spend two turns freeing themselves from the pinned arrow, each round suffering an additional d4 of damage.

If he manages to slay an elf and appears to be losing the battle, he will grab the elf's body and make a run for it. With his height and great stride he will easily outrun all characters. If the party is determined to track him down, they will find him 3d6 miles away, sitting around a large fire and eating a hearty dinner of roast elf.

Full size versions of the map can be downloaded from my Patreon page here.