Saturday, February 28, 2015

Solo Far Away Land - Grongo & Bodoor's adventure

I had a moment while I was waiting on some feedback for a few commissioned maps I am working on. I have been reading over FAL during the last week or so but I have not actually played. Seems everyone is talking about it and reading the rulebook but no one is playing the game yet.

So I rolled up a pair of intrepid adventurers. Very easy and fast, I even used the random character generator created by +Norbert G. Matausch. Worked like a charm and in about five minutes I had two characters. Heck, in true FAL fashion I even drew pictures of them! How old school is that??

With that complete I snagged a quick solo play I had found a while ago online. It is a quick, no shit way to run a solo game. I have taken these rules and tweaked them a little for my own liking but they are pretty close to the rules presented there (been wanting to try these for a while now.) You can find it, along with a quick play description, here:

 Ok, so now that is out of the way and we have our two characters, let us get started!

Set the SceneGrongo the White and Bodoor the Odorous have stumbled upon a map during their last adventure and used it to lead to a undiscovered tomb. They hope to delve into it and come out wealthy, maybe even retire. They set off from the local village with their map in hand.
Our first question- Do they find the tomb?  NO

Hmmm, ok, they do not find the map but in true FAL fashion instead they discover what appears to be an abacus on a rock nearby. Using the solo rules I decided to use the twist die but skipped rolling because I wanted a twist. I rolled a 6 (item) and a 1(appears). Then to determine what this was (as I was stuck) I randomly selected a die from my bag of Rory's Story Cubes and rolled it. This gave me the abacus...the heroes suddenly notice it on a rock nearby...I figure it is a lock to a secret door, the entrance to the tomb! As the GM I decide this is an Easy(4) challenge.
Bodoor steps up. "Got got this chum," he says and starts playing with the abacus. [I decide to let him use his DEX(2) and his CRAFTY boon for a total of three dice. I roll a 4,5, & 6! The 6 is the highest and he easily figures out the trap.]  He solves the puzzle and with a POP! a large door opens in the rock, leading to a previously unknown secret door! 
"About time," says Grongo, "I was starting to wonder if I needed to head back to town and find a new sidekick." Grongo peers into the dark tunnel.
Time for another question: Is anything waiting for them inside? NO

The guys cut a break and only a dark, cobwebby tunnel leading into the ground. Grongo casts quick light spell and makes the ball on the tip of his hat glow. allowing the heroes to see into the darkness. The guys are nervous and taking it slow so twenty feet in and I decide to check with fate again.

Is there anything here for our heroes to worry about? YES BUT

Uht oh, that cannot be good. I check my solo rules and determine it is an NPC, luckily one with a neutral disposition. His name is Junegral and he is an explorer as well. Perhaps he would like to join our group?

Does Junegral wish to join our group? YES

And our little group now has three people! (Damn, now I need to make up another character!)

...too be continued...

Friday, February 27, 2015

Far Away Land

I drew a few maps for Far Away Land. Since rebooting my blog these were lost, now they are here again.

And yes, I am aware of the incorrectly added "S" on the end of land on the map below. My mind is always wanting to add that in there.

Blonin Breathaven is the owner of the Bath House. Yes, that is a paddle he is fond of using to spank people. Some see him as a dirty old man.

Enjoying this, I drew another map, mainly because I wanted to draw a waterfall.

I might just be writing an adventure for this map. Maybe.

Sunday, February 22, 2015

People are making amazing things with my maps!

One thing I enjoy is seeing and hearing of others using my maps and this weekend my friends on G+ have decided to shine upon me - twice!

+Mark Knights took The Serpent People of Skiterborne Swamp map and turned it into an amazing adventure for the DCC RPG. The adventure looks amazing and he has done a wonderful job. You can check out his adventure here.

+Christopher Stogdill took my recent map The Ruins of Strandagaldur and turned it into a wonderful OSR adventure, as well as hitting my old school sweet spot. This looks great! You can check out his adventure here.

Check out both the adventures and drop a line to the two creators. They have done a wonderful job taking my simple maps and turning them into excellent creations for you to use in your games.

If you are interested in turning one of my maps into an adventure or encounter, let me know, I would love to help share your creation with the world. To see my maps, please check out my Patreon page here: