Thursday, July 27, 2023

White Box Heroes: Sammin


The infamous 'Brave Halfling' from our first season of adventure, he has proven himself in the face of danger against TWO trolls and survived. Now he has a taste of adventure, he wants more!

Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Burrowmoor: things are afoot


(a nod to Tim and his frequent ‘working in the coffee shop’ photos)

Things have begun. Thanks to Steve for some inspiration last night that helped spur the creative process. I drew up a map after Erik called me out in his video, its a map of Burrownmoor, the small halfling village where my YT solo play takes place (click here to view my channel). I decided I am going to flesh it out a little, that way anyone using the Willow Valley Gazetter in James Spahn’s White Box Omnibus will have an additional map they can use for their games. I am also toying with updating the Willowford map as the original map was drawn prior to 2012. I may even contact James to see if he could drop the new maps into the existing files on Drivethru, might be cool.

All of this, dear reader, is me getting my gears spun up again to start up my solo game. There seems to be a handful of people interested in seeing me pick it up again. 

Tuesday, July 25, 2023

White Box Heroes: Joseph

Here is Joseph, our band's bard. He has brushed with death a few times already but that youthful spirit has kept him alive! Below is his current character card.

Monday, July 24, 2023

White Box Heroes: Halironda


I have been playing around with Midjourney lately and decided to try to minic some Easley and Elmore style artwork for my YT solo game. Here is our mage, Halrondia. I like that she clearly has a fantasy medieval style to her, but casts off the typical 'sexy female centerfold' feeling. Belwo is her current character card.

Sunday, July 23, 2023

Willow Valley: redux!

So last year I did a series of solo ttrpg play on YouTube that were moderately successful. Last week Erik Tenkar did a video about solo play and he called me out for being 'the solo guy' in a group and not posting anything in ages (it has been ten months actually). This got me really thinking.

I have had a rough two-three years for those who know me. Drastic life changes, personally and professionally and this last year especially I have been frankly floundering. My pals don't really know this but have probably started easily six to ten solo games with various systems, oracles, and tools. All have survived no longer than a handful of sessions before they petered out. This last year I have bought so many gamebooks, tried so many systems and tools. Nothing just felt right to me.

Back to Erik's message, and it really got me thinking. I LOVED that game that I posted on YouTube. I did somethings on there that appeared to really help others understand and get into solo gaming (I think this is because I live by the mantra KISS and I applied it to how I played solo). So I spent this weekend rewatching those videos, noting what worked, what did not, what I liked and what I did not, and I have decided I want to go back to Willowford. I began putting all my old notes, books, and resources together and I realized somehow I had managed to lose not only the printed map of Willow Valley, but also the file I used to create it. So, I spent a good portion today redrawing the entire thing, but that's ok because I am posting it here for others to use. I have made a few changes, mainly adding two more rivers and a small lake on the right side of the map.  This is a recreation of the map from the White Box Omnibus by Mr James Spahn. Nothing wrong with the provided map, I just prefer this one.  ;-)

Now that I have all my tools, I am hoping to start recording soon. No promises, but I am hoping to start up 'Season Two' of Doom Comes to Willowford!

Sunday, July 9, 2023

White Box FMAG compatible logo

TheGreenTap over on Reddit asked if there had ever been a "Compatible with WB:FMAG" logo. I did not recall one and so I went to work because, well, I love White Box. After a little back and forth I finally settled on the design below. As with the OSR logo, this is released Free Forever into the Public Domain with no attribution requirements or possibility of being revoked in the future. Long live gaming. 

PSD (can't promise this works as I do not use Adobe apps):

Saturday, July 8, 2023

OSR Compatible Logo

I just realized (yeah I know, five years) I never released a version of the OSR logo with a 'compatible' phrase on there. So, I fixed it. This will be added to the main logo page too but I know most will not see this until I do a new post. So here you go! Same as before, released to the public domain forever.

For those curious, the Affinity and PSD files are on the main logo page (link in the upper right side of the blog near the logo. Long live gaming!