Wednesday, July 26, 2023

Burrowmoor: things are afoot


(a nod to Tim and his frequent ‘working in the coffee shop’ photos)

Things have begun. Thanks to Steve for some inspiration last night that helped spur the creative process. I drew up a map after Erik called me out in his video, its a map of Burrownmoor, the small halfling village where my YT solo play takes place (click here to view my channel). I decided I am going to flesh it out a little, that way anyone using the Willow Valley Gazetter in James Spahn’s White Box Omnibus will have an additional map they can use for their games. I am also toying with updating the Willowford map as the original map was drawn prior to 2012. I may even contact James to see if he could drop the new maps into the existing files on Drivethru, might be cool.

All of this, dear reader, is me getting my gears spun up again to start up my solo game. There seems to be a handful of people interested in seeing me pick it up again. 

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  1. Stoked to see the playthrough! I have been solo playing osr stuff for about a year and you (and Stoneaxe Tabletop Gaming, and a few others) have been super inspiring! I love how simple you keep it, while still allowing a great story to come through. Thanks, looking forward to it!