Friday, November 27, 2015

[map] An architect's bad design

This ruins was once the home a proud, and wealthy lord. As a gift to his young bride be ordered a small keep built into the side of a hill. The keep would serve to defend the young bride's favorite shrine to the goddess of beauty. Some sad the shrine was cursed but the lord was so in love, he ignored their tales.

Unfortunately, it appears as if they were correct. The architect designed the keep with a flaw, designing the arrow slits incorrectly. As the keep neared completion the young bride grew ill and died suddenly. Distraught, the lord ended up engaging in a foolhardy battle and was soon slain.

Today, locals proclaim the keep haunted by the lord while the bride haunts the shrine, never to meet and lost in despair and remorse for a love lost and lives wasted.

Black and White version.

A faded color/black and white version, creates a strong contrast for the walls.

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