Saturday, April 11, 2015

[map] Geomorphs strike back!

My buddy Joe Wetzel (Inkwell Ideas) is starting up a contest and as geomorphs were one of the ways I first burst on to the OSR mapping scene years ago I thought I would toss a little support his way and spread the word. I made a template (available here) so you can join in the fun and possibly win a set of Dungeonmorph Dice from Joe.

 Using my template I made a handful of geomorphs. Damn I love these things. If you use the template, be sure to let me know I would love to see anything you come up with.


Black and White (old school baby):

 You can learn more about the contest here:

These geomorphs were released as one of my Patreon maps, if you like what you see you can help support my mapping habit for just quarters a month. For more information and to see tons more maps, visit my Patreon page here.