Sunday, December 25, 2016

The Austmann's Lodge

Merry Christmas to everyone. I had just finished watching the latest episode of "Vikings" so I must have had that on my mind but as I sat down to draw this the other day my mind was on a frozen land, covered in snow, surrounded by tall peaks. The crackle of a fire warming the hall, the smell of dinner roasting over the fire, and the sound friends, brothers and sisters enjoying a cold wintery evening together in a small Austmann's lodge.

Behold a lodge fit for a true Austmann, even comes with an overlarge bed to ensure you and a couple (or three) of your favorite ladies can have an enjoyable evening together, an entryway with a table for leaving your weapons, and a common area for the lords' men as well as a table and 'throne' for the lord to impress any visiting persons.

And the black and white version.

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