Sunday, March 5, 2017

The Ziggurat of el-Muqawar

The Ziggurat  of el-Muqawar is a large man-made structure with sides that stretch skyward 100 feet. Long stairs on the north and south side take pilgrims to the top (or at least it did back in the days). Atop the structure is a wide dias with four massive pillars that reach yet another sixty feet upwards. In the middle is a pool of cool holy water meant for pilgrims to cleanse themselves.
Inside the ziggurat is a small burial area with an included false burial chamber, the Everclear Pool of Te'Quiar, the Tree of Neverdeath with it's enchanted sap, and even deeper is the Marinar Yacht and the actual undisturbed burial chamber of el-Muqawar.

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I've had some people ask why they should back me on Patreon if I share maps here on the blog for free and everyone can access so I thought I should share a few things with you. Probably the biggest reason is that the maps posted to my Patreon page are much higher resolution than you see here on the blog (I shrink them down to fit the blog's width). Here is an example, to see the full effect you will need to click on the image:

On the left is the image I post to the blog at 100%, on the right the image I post to Patreon. Full 300dpi, 3300 × 4200 pixels or 11"x14". It's massive and fit for printing at your local print shop. If you tried to print the smaller image off the website you could but if you blew it up to use with minis or on a VTT it would become pixelated. You could use it but it just would not be as pretty.

The second, I occasionally release additional PDF material, either compilations of maps, or short adventures. My Patreon supporters get these for free while I tend to put them up on RPGNow for a small fee.

Third, well, your patronage keeps me motivated to continue drawing up maps for the RPG world to use in their adventures. I regularly hear from people who have used my maps in their games and it always brings a smile to my face knowing that I helped someone else bring their world to life.