Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Going back to...

...old school. For my last map for the month I had to go back to the old style and back to the dungeon. Just something about going back to the old ways that feels right.  +Gothridge Manor  and +Luka Rejec  made suggestions for rooms so I tossed those onto the map. Hope you guys approve.

Last weekend I started running a Golden Age pulp scifi game using White Star/Dare the Stars! and it really, really made me want to run a dungeon crawl using WhiteBox. Part of this is how much I like the system but also just how easy it is to plan and run games using it. Today over lunch I wrote out and planned the next adventure for the WS/DtS! game. I wrote it out completely over my 30 minute lunch, including writing up the stats for two creatures, for a three hour session. Comparing this to my 5e Curse of Strahd game, well, there simply is no comparison.

Anyway, back to the map. If you like my maps, consider tossing a buck my way over on Patreon. I would appreciate it and your support will ensure I keep making maps for another 30 years. ;-)


  1. It's pretty and instantly gameable. I like the map room and the long reflecting pool.

  2. Beautiful map. I get what you say about 30-minute prep for an old-school game vs. a 5e game. I've never had the courage to even attempt the latter, and probably never will. I'll *play* anything. But GMing and prepping -- I'll stick with old-school and old-school-like rules.

    1. Some sessions you can plan that way in 5e, but not major encounters. Especially against Legendary NPCs.