Thursday, November 22, 2018

Vintage Gaming

The OSR has taken a good deal of flack lately because of the various groups vying for 'control' or domination of the group per sa. So, I am a little tired of it, tired of the "you are not part of the group" or "he thinks he is a gatekeeper" or "the OSR is just a bunch of old, white grumpy dudes" so I came up with my own term and decided to do a logo for it.

Yep, it looks a little rough around the edges, on purpose. We are old, we play older games, and we do not care what you think about it.

Additional versions:

This logo is released Free Forever into the Public Domain with no attribution requirements or possibility of being revoked in the future. Long live gaming. 


  1. That's a darn good logo you made, Jackson.

  2. "We are old" ... check!
    "we play older games" ... check!
    "we do not care what you think about it" ... check!

    Yep, I think you got it all covered there!

  3. Applauding the multiplication of alternate logos/splinter movements/OSR forks. Thanks, Matt.

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  5. Nice! This is a clear favorite of the alternatives.