Tuesday, March 31, 2020

CoronaCon! Map 7

Whew, wow this last week has just been insane. I work in the medical device industry and we are trying to get PPE here to our local community as they are starting to run out. Dealing with China sucks. I hope all of you are well.

*Edit  Well, apparently Google has updated the software for displaying images on Blogger and F'ed it all up. The original of this image is well over 2500 pixels wide, yet Blogger is showing it at 450 without the ability to change it without screw it up and pixelating everything. Sorry about that.


  1. Perfect! A ship upon which to sail the seas of the afterlife. I like it!

    1. Yep! Any good warrior living near water must take one of our special chromed model GT-109s into the afterlife with him. Anything less and the ghouls will laugh at him!