Tuesday, June 30, 2020

The Marshall Barony

I am starting up a new campaign this week and I am tackling things a little differently than I have in the past (and will probably spawn a series of posts here on the old blog). 

The biggest change I am making is that I am not creating everything myself. I am using an existing setting and an existing adventure. This is a drastic change for me, as I typically will create my own material to run for the game. I realized this is a massive time sink and while rewarding, probably has some effect on my ability to keep interested in the game as the workload increases. 

To this point, while I am using an existing campaign setting, I AM a bit a tweaker and cannot resist redrawing the existing map. While there was nothing wrong with the existing map besides it only being provided in the PDF (e.g. no separate PNG or JPG file), I really wanted distances a little more clearly marked so I remade the map as a hex map (can't resist that old school nostalgia). As the adventure location is not explicitly stated where it lies in the setting, I added that as well. I also wanted my own version of the map so I can update it as we play, maybe they will discover an ancient dwarven city, a mountain top lair, etc.  

Everything else is pretty much as it was in the original map (despite some of the bits not making logical sense....fantasy!). Below is my version of the setting map:

* original map by David Bezio

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