Sunday, August 2, 2020

QA07 - Saturday chill map

So yesterday I worked out in the morning, then pretty much chilled all day. Been watching The Alienist on TNT, which is pretty good. Anyway, since I was blaspheming all over one of Dyson's maps, I thought it only prudent to give one of my own maps the same treatment. I dug around a bit on my Google Drive and found this little gem. When I was looking at the original as a reference, I somehow flipped it upside down, not sure how that happened. I liked the switch better than the original though, so I kept it. I also decided to add little notes in the black on the sides. I really like how that looked and will probably do more of that in the future (possibly removing the hidden elements like the trap doors and such to make it easier to use in a VTT).

My original map from 2016:

A small note:
If you click on the map, then right click and "Open in another tab" you should get the original version which should be large enough for use in Roll20.


  1. As soon as I saw that map I thought it would be cool to explore in Roll20. That's great that you made it available. Pretty sure walking between those two statues is going to end poorly, though. Stone boots to the head!

    1. LOL Always thinking the worst! What if the designer of this dungeon was a swell fellow and granted the healing of all wounds when you pass between them? Never know, could happen! You better try it out. ;-)