Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Gonna gloat for a moment, bear with me....

I talked about this before, but there is reason to do so again. Y'all know tentfootpole.com, you've their reviews. Highly respected, dead on, blunt, yadda yadda. TFP just gave The Sepulchre of Seven a glowing review and he mentioned the maps. Yep, go read it:


The review for the adventure is awesome, through and through "It’s a real dungeon. And those are few and far between," but as a mapper, I want to focus on one paragraph. ;-)

Kudos to HexaGnome for putting together an amazing adventure and Dyson for supplying the other half of the inspiration for this. I am honored to have one of my silly little maps included in this fantastic adventure. Go, download this and run it! Go! Now!


  1. Well deserved! Bryce is famously hard to please, so gloat away...

  2. Again, thank you! The praise for your map(s) is well earned. You deserve to gloat :) I've stated before that this map in particular inspired me, I feel the need to be more precise: it's not just the initial spark. I get bloody sparks every day. It's the map that actually made me sit down and finally write (and publish!) a d&d thing. If anything, this is a shared victory (I say "victory", I don't know about you, but it feels like I won some kind of award...).

    1. Oh you won an award my friend, one rarely handed out too! I am very happy that one of my maps inspired you, that is actually part of why I do them, to inspire others, to help foster that little spark of creativity that has led me on a creative path my entire life.