Sunday, May 7, 2023

Shadowdark: fullsize!!!

I decided I wanted Shadowdark in physical format and got a little impatient (since my divorce I apparently have lost all forms of patience), I uploaded to the Office Depot site and had them print the PDF. I really wanted the book with the spiral binding as it allows for laying flat and taking up less desktop territory. As I plan to eventually start another solo series using Shadowdark, these traits will be important to me. 

I was a little upset I could not order the book in digest size, but oh man when I got the book I am very pleased to announce the digest format printed in full 8.5x11 glory is AMAZING. LOVE IT!

Some normal sized d6s for comparison.

Added the dice for size comparison again.
No reading glasses for this old man!


  1. I often print my digest sized book 8 1/5 x 11. Because eyes.

  2. How much did this run you to print out at Office Depot?