Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Burrowmoor: in the works!

I have been hard at work, creating a PDF zine for the village of Burrowmoor from the Willow Valley Gazetter. This includes a new map, locations and personality write ups. I am fleshing it out to a point but leaving lots of room for DMs to add their own touch. This will not be a full 'setting' book but something you could drop in any campaign and make it your own. As I will be using this in my solo game, odds are I will add to it as we play along. I am already hoping the PCs investigate that #6 up at the top of the map!

And yes, because it will come up, the art is all created in Mid-Journey. I am sure this will cause some folks to twitch and shit, but as this will be a FREE release I am not taking any work away from hard working artists. 


  1. Your maps look gorgeous as ever, Matt. This product does too...

  2. I'm behind on my blog reading. I just saw the maps for Burrowmoor and Willowford today and love them. I can't wait for your zine!