Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Aidan of Mellitus - Risus

Finan's companion on the roads, a man I can connect with fairly well: a grumbly old veteran.  ;-) 

Aidan has retired but his ex-wfe (now run off with another, younger man) has racked up considerable debt in his name. Now he looks to earn coin by serving as Finan's armed escort and guardsman as he wanders about preaching and spreading the good word. Additionally, constantly being on the move means Turag has a harder time locating him and forcing him to pay his debts. While he is a believer in the "nailed god", he is not truly a man of faith and only regularly speaks to Saint Cuthbert in the traditions of his people.


  1. Shouldn't he be named: Mathias of Jaxxonus?

    1. After yesterday and redoing the stairs in the house, yes! Good lord, I am exhausted and should have paid someone to do this!