Sunday, July 10, 2016

[map] King Tower

So in my random wanderings tonight I came across an image that inspired this map, mostly in the form of the dwarven tower. You can see the image that inspired this map here:

It never occurred to me previously but why are dwarves always deep below ground?  What if the dwarven king wanted to meet with the other races? Invite them into his kingdom? Nay! Meet them at his summer cottage!  ;-)

This is a small complex, perfect for a king and his immediate guard, the rest of his forces would camp below in the elements - they are tough fellas, right?

The complex has a private room for the king, a 'throne room' for really putting on a show when he needs to, a temple because you can never pray enough when in enemy lands, a ready room for the guards to hang out which is close to the front door and meeting room if needed, a 'grand' meeting hall, kitchen and barracks space for his guards. Also....the first time I can remember...I put a shitter in there.

When ya gotta go, ya gotta go, amirite?

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