Saturday, July 16, 2016

[map] Sorbek's Redoubt

Sorbek, the hard boiled and mean leader of a glog of bandits, moved into this small cave system a decade ago claiming they would only rest here for a few days. His 'boys' as he is fond of calling the glog, can be found raiding all along the River Purgatory and its tributaries. They enter the cave system only at night through a tight and hidden crevasse, navigating  in near darkness the twisting underground waterways until a secret turn off which leads to the Redoubt. In a decade no one has been able to follow them and locate their base and thus operating with impunity.
Sorbek keeps his band small, only adding to the ranks for short term attacks and then releasing the new men (usually dead into the river). He and his small band have amassed quite a large amount of treasure and are planning to retire 'after just one more raid' that never seems to satiate their desires.

I had a request over on Reddit to add numbers to the map, so here you go! If you make anything really cool using this, let me know.

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