Friday, September 16, 2016

[map] The Keltovian Material Reclamation Centre (The Dumping Grounds)

I'm currently reading a great book where a covert government agency that monitors and keeps an alien (or demon - the lines are a little fuzzy here) incursion hidden from the public. One of the coolest scene locations is a large cargo yard where the agency keeps various dangerous artifacts and oozes and gore collected from the outsider's secretions, body parts, and other horrors the public should never know about.

I thought it would be a great location for a modern adventure or even a 1920's Cthulhu. How knows exactly what is kept in all those containers as they are processed, categorized and eventually shipped out to various long-term storage facilities across the country.

Roll a d12 to see what is discovered inside a container:
1) Unapproachable Stone of Msgrotto, held in a magnetic field
2) Necromintal Secretions of the Black Kuraen, 27 tons
3) The August Handmaidens of Bovinal  Preins, partial
4) Yoth Mammon's Perenitus (including all seven limbs)
5) The Speaking Head of Councillor Singh of Dreemdor
6) A Kaxeos of Odanrot and his slaves
7) The Weird Tree of Choltenham, trunk and seven branches
8) Diluted Shrolliek Plasma, 30,000 gallons
9) Uncountable Boulders of the Broken Drollmuth Troll
10) The Pine Bark of the Dark Immovable Grug
11) Venislarnian Toenails, 1,273,873,182 pieces
12)  Yen-Morgantus, 1/4 brain

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