Sunday, September 11, 2016

[map] Lord Findildor's Pleasure Palace

Lord Findildor created his underground pleasure palace a decade ago and it has served the most distinguished (and wealthy) clientele. With private rooms, a large and mysterious master suite  (sorry, details of the contents of that room are hard to come by, so I was forced to leave the room empty on the map), peaceful gardens filled with trees, a theater, massive tapestries, an elegantly designed restaurant with a plane-wide famous menu and chef, a secluded mineral water hot tub, and ladies to fill your every desire.

Most people visit and stay for an extended period of time rather than a single day and so the Palace is set up to offer multiple activities to entertain patrons and people - beautiful escorts at their side - swimming, sailing on a small boat, diving from the waterfall, enjoying a play or poetry, indulging in a feast...or whatever they can dream of. Findildor is rumored to be a wizard of respectable power. It is said that nothing is too outlandish for him to bring to life.

Just getting into Lord Findildor's place is a challenge as one must be invited as there are just two ways into the place: teleportation portals (one for staff and one for clients).  Even then, you will need to pass through security, back ground checks, and, of course, the large membership fee. They say it is totally worth it.

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